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Gilberton Station is located in North Western Queensland, it is at the southern end of the Etheridge Shire.  Gilberton is owned and occupied by the French family, and has been, in one way or another, for seven generations.  The property is 88 000 acres, 35 600 hectares, 137 square mile or 356 square kilometres.  


The current owners, Rob and Lyn French, have lived on the property for the last 40 years.  Not only have they raised 3 children here, they have also made this a profitable business for themselves.  Rob and Lyn currently reside on the property along with their son Ashley.


Rob and Lyn first allowed prospectors on the mineral rich property over 30 years ago.  In this time they have met many new people and forged many lifelong friendships with visitors to Gilberton.  


Our caretaker Karen will keep the family tradition by overseeing camping and prospecting on the property.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

This photo has four generations of the French family.  All except for three people in this photo currently live and work on Gilberton Station.
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