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In and around Gilberton Station

North Queensland has a lot to offer and much of it is close to Gilberton Station.  


Please have a look and support local businesses. 


Gilberton Outback Retreat is located on Gilberton Station, a working cattle station.  It is a luxurious take on the quintessential bush 'hut'.  It is far from roughing and offers a freestanding bathtub and king sized, pillow topped bed and breathtaking views of the Gilbert River.  Gilberton Outback Retreat is owned and operated by Rob and Lyn French.


Dusty Exposures captures the Australian Outback, one frame at a time. With stunning images of wildlife, panoramic vistas and day to day life in the rugged bush and beyond, Dusty Exposures captures the essence of the region.  Owned by Camilla French, Dusty Exposures makes an ideal gift for yourself or family and friends.  Many of the photos found on this website are provided by Dusty Exposures.

Cobbold Gorge Tours is the sole operator for tours to Cobbold Gorge, an ancient geological gorge.  Cobbold Village offers resort style accommodation in the bush and the infinity pool and poolside bar is truly an experience for all.  

Goldfields Hotel is the one stop shop in Forsayth.  It is the local watering hole, provides newly renovated accomodation, fresh food, groceries, fuel, internet, postal services and information centre. 

The TerrEstrial centre is the local information centre for Georgetown.  It boasts an extensive mineral collection that has been mentioned as being one of the best in the world.  It is here that you will find out the what and when of Georgetown, the largest town in the shire.  Georgetown offers accommodation, fuel, groceries, along with a number of other things you may require while in the bush. 

Bedrock Village is located in Mt Surprise.  It is a caravan park, with additional onsite accomadation.  Tours to the world famous Undara Lava Tubes also leave from Bedrock. 

Copperfield Gorge & Einasleigh

The Lynd Roadhouse

Local fossicking areas

Please contact any of the following for permission before arrival

Peter & Adam

07 40625 304



Mount Surprise Gems

Peter & Pam 

07 40623 055

Dell's Hole


07 40625 534

Oaks Rush Outback Resort


07 40624 100

Western Creek

Geoff & Shirley

07 40625 591

Agate Creek

07 40625 574

Obrien's Creek

07 40625 291

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